Search Engine Optimization Doesnt Have to be Complicated

When I first heard about search engine optimization back in 2012, I wasn’t getting it.


That’s why today, I can easily relate to those of you having a hard time understanding SEO.


As an outsider, just by reading the definitions, it isn’t very easy to figure out what SEO is all about.


Search engine optimization is not a science, at most, we could call it an art within digital marketing!


Also, in my opinion, the name search engine optimization is not the best self-explanatory name out there.


It may sound like you are optimizing the search engine, but we optimize our website for search engines.


Search engine marketing could have been a better term since it’s more generic, but today we use this term to explain search engine advertising.


Here is a funny one about the term SEO; people without any marketing background often relate this to the term CEO!


Anyway, to understand search engine optimization, you have to either practice it or closely watch someone doing the work.


That’s also because we are talking about ever-evolving and highly sophisticated search engines.


Here you will find three foundations to search engine optimization that is easy to understand by everyone.


Once you read this compact guide, you will have a clear idea of SEO and put all these theories into practice.


Search Engine Optimization Doesnt Have to be Complicated


Search Engine Optimization –  3 Foundations of Everyday SEO Work


Here is the good news: you can write a book about search engine optimization, but it’s not going to be a very long one.


The aim is to rank your website for certain terms related to your brand on search engines.


First up, have a well-built website that search engines can easily read.


Next, show the world who you are by publishing written content.


And trust me, you don’t have to be excellent at first.


You can always improve your content quality along the way.


Doing it is more important than dreaming it.


Finally, find people in your niche to digitally back you up.


We call these backlinks, and these are vital for search engines.


Keep it simple




The website is the very starting point of SEO for a good couple of reasons.


And that’s why we need a simple website.


Simple sites perform very well because they are both user and search-engine-friendly.


We want a website that provides the best experience for visitors.


To do that, have a simple site architecture, clear CTAs, and a basic navigation menu.


We should also optimize our on-page factors such as page titles, descriptions, headings, keywords, URL slugs.


And, get the technicalities right such as having a decent sitemap or href lang strategy in place!


This way, we can start sending good signals to search engines.


If your site is fast, easy to understand, and users don’t leave so quickly, your site will rank.


If there is only low competition in your niche, you can already rank well by having a simple and well-built website.


And that, for me, is the perfect beginning to our search engine optimization.


Content Marketing




Now that we have the infrastructure right, it’s showtime.


That means we have to show the world wide web what we know as a person or business.


There is nothing wrong with doing simple keyword research and preparing a simple content plan.


However, I want to introduce you to a better approach.


Just start by writing a piece. When you are doing that, many other ideas will come to mind.


This way, you can decide on your next article; great way to create content!


Also, following this strategy, we can internally link all our content easily, and that’s the kind of content strategy search engines die for.


Eventually, you cover all of your vital topics in your niche, and it’s all going to come together in a very natural form.






Think of search engine optimization as you are building a house.


Your website is the base of your building, content is the walls, and backlinks are the roof.


When another site links back to your main site or one of your articles, it means that you just gained a backlink.


It’s a digital referral that’s going to back your content up.


And guess what? The more authority (backlinks) you have, the better your site will rank on search engines.


How many of them do you need?


It greatly depends on the competition, but often a dozen of good referrals per article could be a great help.


Having around 100 referring domains to your homepage is also a good starting point.


When you constantly publish expert content, you get lots of natural backlinks.


Which to me is far more superior to any digital marketing, so why not leverage that?


Foundations of SEO


Search Engine Optimization Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated!


Unfortunately, some SEO experts make it sound like we are dealing with something superficial.


But as you can see, that’s not at all the issue.


I only mentioned three foundations; having a well-built website, creating spectacular content, and naturally gaining good quality backlinks.


Now all you need to do is study each of these further, and you have a profound understanding of SEO.


And that’s why search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated!

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