Rebranding a white label SEO Firm 1

Rebranding a white label SEO Firm is a challenging but rewarding process some SEO companies might go through due to change in the firm’s market, values, mission, or vision.


To understand this complex process, we must consider taking a closer look into rebranding and brand refresh concepts.


From there, we could go back to rebranding a white label SEO firm and discuss it further.


Rebranding and Brand Refresh


In its simplest form, rebranding is changing a brand’s identity to fit today’s business needs.


A rebrand might include a change in logo or overall design makeover, but these changes must be coming due to the company’s new main message.


We are talking about a highly critical business decision (usually a change in the company name); therefore, before deciding on a rebrand, stakeholders must put together a SWOT analysis.


In my opinion, in most cases, a brand refresh or even change in the marketing strategy works better than changing the whole identity.


For big brands, brand refreshing is a part of everyday life, and I’m sure most of you had noticed when Facebook came out with their new logo at the end of 2019.


Rebranding a white label SEO Firm 1


Rebranding a White Label SEO Firm


Digital is on the constant rise, and many businesses start looking at their search engine optimization projects more seriously.


This results in outsourcing the SEO and increased demand for more sophisticated SEO services.


As you can imagine, not every digital agency can supply this demand, as SEO requires an expert workforce.


This is when white label SEO could be an excellent solution to get the know-how from a trusted source and resell it.


Rebranding a white label SEO firm will work brilliantly for most old-fashioned SEO companies because, let’s face it, most SEOs have been seeing themselves as technical guys.


Instead, today, search engine optimization sits at the heart of marketing, and B2B companies want to work with SEO firms that are great at account management and communication on top of technical skills.


Cost is another subject to discuss. Back in the day, there were times that a one-time investment for SEO work worked like a charm.


For example, buying expired domains and redirecting them to your client’s website or setting up site farms and pyramid structures.


Today, modern SEO shifted considerably towards content creation and backlink outreaching.


A single high-quality and naturally gained backlink is equal to hundreds of web 2.0 links.


Search engine algorithms are more intelligent than ever and easily detect links that are purposefully built.


New sites with great content can outrank authoritative sites if they publish the best content.


B2B companies should subscribe to monthly SEO services to constantly get better results for all these reasons.


On a month-to-month basis subscription, they can easily calculate ROI and adjust their SEO budgets accordingly.


How to Rebrand Your SEO Firm


Start with a SWOT analysis with key stakeholders of your SEO firm. Try to figure out if rebranding your SEO firm is absolutely necessary.


If you struggle to keep your existing clients or having a hard time finding new leads, take a closer look at your marketing and sales strategies.


Once you go through the initial analysis and you decide to rebrand, here are a few simple steps that you can follow:


Decide On Your New Targets


You are leaving your former SEO company behind for a reason, so it’s a great idea to come up with new business goals now.


This could be the number of new clients to acquire, churn rates, or revenue targets.


Also, re-think who your next clients could be. You could get local clients, but don’t underestimate the power of international clients.


You should make a statement like this: We will land 30 new SEO clients, half of them being local and half global.


Come up with a New Brand Identity


Since you have identified some goals, now it’s time to move on with your new identity.


This includes deciding on a new name, domain, and logo. Pick a short name that’s easy to remember and unique.


This way, you can easily buy your new domain and launch your new website.


In terms of brand colors, vibrant colors might work the best for SEO companies.


Don’ forget to redirect your former website to the new one and set up your social media accounts.


Linkedin could be your best bet in social media as a white label SEO firm but make sure to be active on Facebook and forums as well.


This will give you enough exposure to raise some awareness and get some new leads.


Start a Brand Awareness Campaign


One of the best approaches to raise brand awareness for your new brand is to use digital advertising.


Facebook’s brand awareness campaign gives you an estimated brand recall lift rate, which is a great help to understand the ROI.


This campaign type is compelling, and you can reach broad audiences with relatively low costs.


So don’t just rely on your former network. Go ahead and start boosting your new brand through digital ads.


And that’s how rebranding a white label SEO firm can be completed in a nutshell.

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