Born in 1986 and raised in the slums of Ankara, Turkey, I consider myself very lucky. I was brought up by a family full of educated people and strong characters.


I attended Ankara University Elementary school, where there were a super international atmosphere and a good English education.


This is important because I was exposed to other languages and foreign cultures at a very early stage. 


My dream was to go abroad, so after attending the university in Eskişehir for a short period, I ended up in Helsinki as an Erasmus exchange student.


Guess what? I ended up staying there for five years (2008-2013), acquiring a business diploma. I call that time the best years of my life yet!


Finland is a second home to me, and I admire Finnish culture wholeheartedly.


After my time in Helsinki, for a short time, I moved to Warsaw, Poland. That was a short stay, even though I was in love with the city and the Polish people.


So I moved back home, this time to Antalya in 2013. 


Çağlar Uğur


I worked in marketing, sales, and customer departments of various sizes of businesses throughout my career.


I have been lucky enough to see the difference between a startup and a Fortune500 company. In my heart, I’m a B2C guy, but I also excelled in B2B in my time at Management Events!  


I also started up a family business and experienced a binding sort of entrepreneurship. That business has been failed big time and taught me a lot. But still, I love being my own boss.


I got obsessed with digital marketing when I had to save my own business from failing, and I was literally doing Facebook ads to do so. 


As of today, apart from my daytime job as a digital marketing director at a hotel group, I’m an entrepreneur spirit, fitness trainer, self-thought chef, alternative medicine practitioner, and amateur fisher.


I also like to read psychology and spend time outdoors and beachside.


I’m a genuinely curious person who loves to deep dive into new topics & build something bold. In my last venture, I’m built a content site for startups called startup in motion.


Over time, this site will turn into a community that globally supports startups. 


I’m not going into detail with my digital marketing, SEO, and social media knowledge, as I have many articles published here at, so please check them out and see them for yourself.


Çağlar Uğur Business Degree Laurea


Hubspot_Inbound_Certificate 2017



Google Ads Search Certification Google Ads Display Certification Google Ads Video Certification Google Ads - Measurement Certification Google Analytics Individual Qualification


Hubspot Social Media Certification


Google Tag Manager Certificate


Linkedin JohnMcWade Graphic Design Certificate


Apple Search Ads Certification



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