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I’m not running an SEO company. Don’t get me wrong. But over the years, I have worked with a dozen of them and got great benefits.


That’s why I want to give you 5 Solid Reasons To Work With An SEO Company.


SEO is the optimization of onsite and offsite factors to gain better visibility on search engines such as Google.


In short, I call it branding your site for search engines!


Today, Google has a massive impact on local and global businesses; thus, we can’t just sit back and relax without having a clear SEO strategy.


According to a 2019 BrightEdge research, the share of organic traffic on average is 53%. Just think about how massive that number is!


My experience also confirms that organic website visitors engage with websites in a far advanced way, and often organic searchers convert very well.


5 Solid Reasons To Work With An SEO Company - Featured Image


5 Solid Reasons To Work With An SEO Company


What am I trying to say? As digital marketing experts, we are not even second-guessing how crucial SEO is.


A step further, many of us also don’t need in-depth advice from an SEO company.


Instead, we need execution at a reasonable cost with a good ROI.


So when it comes to SEO, deeds, not words, my friends!


That being said, let’s move on to my five solid reasons to work with an SEO company.


5 Solid Reasons To Work With An SEO Company - Featured Image


1- Rank Your Site & Lots of Other Pages


You might be just starting with SEO and probably don’t have a holistic approach yet. What do I mean by that?


When you start looking at it as a whole (that takes some time), you want to boost your site authority by systematically acquiring high-quality backlinks.


But, here is the thing; when you have 50-100 terms that you aim to rank for, you have to build individual pages (so-called landing pages) and rank them as well.


That requires creating landing pages, blog posts, or even starting up a community forum that might serve you as an internal backlinking source.


Think of all the activities; analyzing the competition, coming up with a plan, creating those pages, and filling them up with unique content.


Only an SEO Company could handle these kinds of execution with finesse.


There is too much work that needs to be done, and in the long run, all these things can overwhelm your in-house teams!


So if you want to rank for many terms, you should consider outsourcing the heavy lifting and working with SEO experts.


Holistic Approach


2- Centralize Your Efforts By Working With An SEO Company


Throughout my career, I have been involved in various SEO projects of different firms. I realized that in large projects, it tends to get challenging if you start dividing SEO tasks.


If you hire different individuals for each job, such as link building, content writing, or web development, in reality, you start paying more.


Also, when you work with different people, that comes with the downside of coordinating. Can you think of your content creation, on-page SEO, and backlink building separately? Not ideally.


To synchronize all your search engine optimization efforts, it’s a great idea to centralize the whole work, whether you form a complete in-house team or hire an SEO company.


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3- Get Frequent & Adequate Reports


Performance measuring is one of the most overlooked topics in SEO. But the importance getting good reports is vital because this is the only way to increase your performance.


We got SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, or Moz. Then we got the Google Search Console. Finally, we got Google Analytics which gives us the outcome.


With all these various platforms, defining what you call a success in SEO could become unclear.


For instance, I got a peer who constantly talks about the SemRush Authority Score when referring to an SEO project’s success.


I can’t blame him because these SEO tools are great, but when you think about it, these scores don’t reflect whether your site has lots of relevant traffic for your desired terms or not.


That’s why discussing your KPI’s with your SEO company and getting a tailor-made SEO dashboard on a weekly and monthly basis is priceless.


4- Diversify Your Backlinks


Link building or, in other words acquiring high-quality backlinks is a must-do in SEO.


It would help if you had a certain link velocity to outrank your competitors, that’s for sure, but you also need to have different kinds of links.


When you analyze the backlinks of top companies, you could easily see that they have a great link variety.


That means that their links come with different methods and sources that Google really likes.


If you hire a content creator to create authority blog posts for you, how many posts can someone produce without sacrificing the quality?


For a thousand plus words article, I would say 15 articles a month.


In this scenario, you end up getting 15 internal links to yourself from a single source, and these links are barely backlinks since they come from your subdomain.


If you want to outrank the big competition, you need diverse links, and only a knowledgeable SEO company can help you accomplish that. Simple as that.


5- Adopt Updates, Avoid Penalties & Tackle Negative SEO


There are also things that you wouldn’t particularly know about unless you are an SEO company.


For example, search engines like Google release algorithm updates, and you have to make minor adjustments to your SEO efforts.


Also, if you over-optimize your site, such as getting involved in black-hat link building or using duplicate content, your site could get penalized without even you noticing.


Experts usually optimize a site just right so there is no damage done. Check out here how the penalty recovery is done!


Lastly, when the competition gets bigger, things might start to get dirtier in terms of SEO.


For instance, your competitors might start implementing some tactics to reduce your SEO performance.


That includes building lots of low-quality backlinks, which is called negative SEO.




Conclusion: Working with an SEO Company


As you can see, there are solid reasons to work with an SEO company.


An expert SEO firm not only ranks you for your desired terms but does all the detailed work.


Remember once I told you SEO is like farming; you plant today and harvest only in a couple of months!


So, those small details truly matter and add up to great results in the long run.


That’s why, unless you have the funds to hire an entire expert SEO team, I strongly recommend you to start working with an SEO company.