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Have you ever give it a thought, Why Women in Digital Marketing keep thriving? Well, I have.


We all think about women and their role in our societies these days since we just celebrated International Women’s Day.


So I also decided to dedicate a piece to women in digital marketing to honor women in our industry and to share my professional experiences around the subject.


In my opinion, women are great marketers overall. Besides, there are lots of Forbes-recognized ladies that kick ass in digital marketing.


According to semify.com, here are some of the most successful and influential women in digital marketing:


Ann Handley, Sheryl Sandberg, Beverly Jackson, Melanie Deziel, Rhea Drysdale, Amy Vernon, Tyrona Heath, Samantha Barry, and Purna Virji.


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Women in Digital Marketing: 3 Factors Greatly Contributing to Their Success


I did some thinking and came up with three factors contributing to women’s success in our industry. When you read them, I’m sure you will also see why women are naturally fit for the job!


Women in Digital Marketing 2


1- Multitasking Abilities


Digital marketing consists of various interconnected specialties, such as SEO, digital advertising, social media management, performance measuring, marketing automation.


Moreover, each of these channels has even more depth. For instance, link building in SEO or content writing; today, these are standalone professions within digital marketing.


In organizations that heavily invest in digital marketing, we could easily see a dozen specialists working together as a team to execute a digital strategy.


In the case of startup firms, though, digital marketers cover various duties, leading us to multitasking abilities.


Let’s face it, men are highly rational and good at math, but most men are single task-oriented by nature.


In contrast, women born to multitask, and most of you might have already noticed that in social life.


Therefore, we can assume that women can perform well in digital marketing, especially as digital marketing team leaders.


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2- Strong Social Connections & Great Relationship Building Habits


A 2007 research by the University of Western Sydney shows that strong social connections are a great measure to assess women’s health and well-being.


Fortunately, women are naturally great at building strong bonds with their surroundings.


Georgia State University published an interesting research in 2019, showing that women are more sensitive to the oxytocin hormone’s rewarding actions.


Why is this important, and what’s the correlation between digital marketing and women being super social beings?


The answer is relatively simple, think of social media; it’s all about establishing excellent communication with your community.


Here is an overlooked and fascinating topic: Would you think that strong social connections could be a great help to your SEO efforts?


Just imagine, on the one hand, you have got a tremendous technical SEO whose constantly building backlinks, and on the other, you have got this lady only focusing on building connections and eventually gaining natural backlinks.


Which one is more powerful? A web 2.0 backlink or a personally acquired real backlink?


There are tons of similar examples. When we think of digital advertising, we are continually trying to connect with our buyer personas.


According to psychologytoday.com, women have advantages for many basic language-related skills such as the length and quality of responses.


The ease and speed of articulating complex words; the ability to generate strings of words; the ease of word learning and speed of retrieving individual words from long-term memory; and skill at remembering and discriminating basic language sounds from one another.


These are all a great advantage for women in digital marketing, especially in content and copywriting.


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3- Great Taste in Graphics & Arts


According to Marcia Pelchat, a sensory scientist in Philadelphia, Women tend to taste, smell, hear, see colors and feel textures more accurately than men.


I’m not surprised. Over the years, working with a dozen of graphic artists, I could easily say women are far more superior in graphics also in arts.


Since the graphic design and content creation play a significant role in digital marketing, this gives ladies an edge.


I must confess, becoming a good writer and designing basic graphics have been the most challenging two skills in my personal development.


Women can take advantage of this natural talent when working in the digital marketing industry.


Conclusion – Women in Digital Marketing


As you can see, women have great advantages to excel in the digital marketing industry.


Women are naturally good at multi-tasking, which allows them to rapidly switch between the core digital channels such as social, organic, and paid.


Their multitasking abilities would also allow them to become great team leaders.


Women are also excellent relationship builders.


This is crucial because all our digital marketing efforts are shaped around establishing a better relationship with our buyer personas.


Thus, women do brilliantly as social media managers or community managers.


Lastly, we highlighted the fact that women have better senses than men.


That’s probably why they do such an excellent job in graphic design, content writing, and arts.


This is undoubtedly a great advantage in digital marketing since excellent content creation is tightly related to these core abilities.


I have been working with women in digital marketing projects, including technical SEO works, and they never fail to deliver excellent performance.


Why not take advantage of their outstanding natural abilities and let them thrive in our industry both as executives and team leaders!