How Rank by Focus Help you Rank on the First Page of Google Results

Rank by Focus, specialized in Toronto SEO now expanding it’s SEO services to Miami & New York, and I’m lucky enough to introduce you to the SEO agency, explain how they rank clients on the first page of Google, and finally analyze their target markets to illustrate the demand for the SEO services they offer.


Rank by Focus – Overview 


Toronto based SEO agency Rank by Focus is a value-oriented firm that aims to rank their clients on the first page of Google. Their clients range from SMEs to corporations, which means they know how to deal with small business SEO, local SEO, and SEO for international businesses. Rank by focus offers a 14-day trial to show you some SEO results, and you don’t have to pay a dime. From the client perspective, I find this to be quite fair and functional.


The company’s SEO services include constructing the seo strategy, extensive keyword research and website audit, website seo launch, and on-page seo. Rank by Focus is not only an SEO agency; they also have in-house experts in web design, social media marketing, and pay-per-click. To me, that’s only good because I’m a strong believer in a multichannel approach in digital marketing and rest assured, in this case, your agency can see the bigger picture.


How Do Search Engines & Ranking Work


Science of Search Engines & Ranking


Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing on-page & off-page factors for your website to rank higher in search results. Unlikely to CPC, for instance, it takes time to get results (traffic) by applying SEO because it is a marketing technique that requires time and patience.


The reason is that search engines such as Google need to recognize your work, whether it’s an on-page optimization like changing the SEO title or description of a page, publishing a piece of new content like a blog post, or an off-page work such as getting a niche relevant backlink from another site.


What’s meant by recognition is vital. Search engines often check what’s happening on your site or activities related to you on the other sites using bots such as Google bot. We call this process crawling. Once the sites are crawled, their contents are lined up for indexing. That means adding to the search engine’s database.


Finally, these indexed pages are ranked, and this is about the time that we all get to see the results of our content efforts. Explanation of the process takes rather long, but these things are pretty much automated due to the complex search engine algorithm. There are over 200 ranking factors to consider when it comes to who will rank on Google’s first page.


How Rank by Focus Help you Rank on the First Page of Google Results


How Rank by Focus Help you Rank on the First Page of Google?


The agency kicks off each new SEO project, whether it’s Toronto SEO, Miami SEO, or New York SEO, with an initial consultation. The whole point of this process is to get to know each other and set the expectations right. To me, this is vital because without agreeing on the possible outcomes, doing SEO work would be pointless. Most people have little to no SEO knowledge, and therefore, it’s best to train them. This is the only way to set common goals and reach them.


After the initial consultation, SEO experts at rank by focus start the SEO audit on the client’s website. This phase is all about finding bottlenecks such as technical SEO errors and preparing a to-do list. When we are talking about a current website that has never been touched by SEOs, there are many quick wins. A thorough backlink audit is a crucial part of this phase because that’s the only way to determine what it takes to rank for the target keywords.


Once expectations are set, and auditing on-page and off-page factors are completed, it’s about time to strategize and make an action plan. There are many tasks, such as content creation or prospecting for backlinks. After prioritizing these tasks and the agency starts executing the SEO works. In the following weeks or months, monitoring KPI’s such as keyword rankings and domain authority is crucial. Rank by Focus developed a weekly reporting loop to present these vital performance indicators to the client.


Target Market Analysis for SEO Services_ Toronto SEO, Miami SEO & New York SEO


Target Market Analysis for SEO Services: Toronto SEO, Miami SEO & New York SEO


To understand what we are dealing with, I did a quick research on the best SEO companies in Toronto and the top SEO services in Miami & New York. It seemed to me that these are markets that have similarities in terms of keyword volumes reflecting the demand for SEO.


On the other hand, it was surprising to see that the SEO market in Toronto seems like the biggest. When I compare the keyword difficulties for Toronto SEO, Miami SEO, and New York SEO,  I realized that the SEO competition is rather low, with an average 53% KW difficulty in our target markets, which is only good since our agency is expanding.


I wanted to figure out what the SEO services market looks like in Toronto. Rank By Focus also has clients from Miami & New York, so I made small keyword research considering that using SEMrush. I compared the demand for SEO in Toronto to Miami SEO & New York SEO. Below is the analysis of our main keywords, including the keyword volumes, competition level, and other vital metrics.


seo toronto


1. SEO Toronto 


To understand the demand for SEO services in Toronto, I checked the main keywords. Here are the high volume keywords: SEO Toronto, Toronto SEO, SEO Company Toronto, SEO Consultant Toronto, Toronto SEO expert, and Best SEO services Toronto. Altogether the total volume of these core keywords is close to 16K per month, and the keyword difficulty is 55% on average. CPC for the term SEO Toronto turns out to be around 6 dollars, and the keyword trend hasn’t been volatile.


This has been a little surprising for me because we can clearly see a high demand for SEO services in Toronto, but the keyword difficulty is still extremely low. I thought maybe SEO companies in Toronto are generating new business leads by CPC, so I checked that also, but the answer is no. Well, this is only good news in the case of rank by focus Toronto because they have great chances to outrank their competition. I also checked the Google SERP for the SEO Toronto term, and the 1st page 1st result doesn’t even belong to a local SEO firm but a article.


seo miami


2. SEO Miami 


Miami is another target market for rank by focus. The global volume for SEO Miami term variations is 7.9K. The keyword difficulty is 47%, and this has also been surprising to see that the demand in Miami is smaller than in Toronto, and the competition is even lower. I’m not quite sure if the organic search analysis reflects reality. Still, if it does, our SEO firm can also thrive in Miami with optimized landing pages, proper content creation, and backlink building activities. I know for a fact that Miami is the economic center of Florida, and there are lots of sizeable businesses that need SEO.


As you can see from the figure above, for 8.5 dollars per click, you can advertise on Google for the term SEO Miami, and there are no current active ads. For me, this is completely crazy. The only reasonable explanation that nobody is trying to grow an SEO business now is that Miami relies heavily on tourism. Due to the global pandemic, the economy is pretty much shut down in there. In the case of rank by focus, I see a great opportunity for growth once again as no one is making any moves.


seo new york


3. SEO New York


New York City is also a target market for rank by focus SEO agency. When I checked the demand for SEO services here, things weren’t looking very different from the two rest of the markets; low keyword difficulty with 55% and no active ads for the keyword with a 6.5 dollar per click. Just by looking at the organic search data, we get the idea that there is not much demand for SEO services in New York, but that’s definitely not realistic.


We are talking about one of the world’s biggest cities with 8 million people, which makes New York the 11th most populated city. With that in mind, I’m expecting that New York would have thousands of digital marketing agencies and SEO firms. I think, among the three analyzed markets, New York would be the most competitive, but the market is so huge that rank by focus can grow a considerable number of SEO clients here as well. I’m guessing that turnover per client for monthly seo work in New York would be much higher than in Toronto and Miami.


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