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Today, small businesses have a few different digital marketing goals: driving store visits, getting more calls, increasing form submissions, and getting e-commerce sales.  


Digital marketing is proven to be an effective tool for SMEs, and we know why it works very well for SMEs:



Corporations might have in-house teams and a few different marketing agencies such as graphic design agencies, SEO agencies, social media agencies, and performance marketing agencies.


Whereas, a small business digital marketing agency can take all the heavy lifting to promote a small business; working with a marketing agency has a very high ROI.


Small Business Digital Marketing Featured Image


Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing?


To get more in-depth information on Small Business Digital Marketing, I conducted a small interview with Olivia, founder of Olivetree Marketing.


Olivetree Marketing is a Sydney marketing agency that focuses on branding, digital marketing, marketing strategy, graphic design, and business coaching.


So, Olivia, you have years of experience as a marketing manager, and recently you have been helping out small businesses with their marketing challenges!


Why don’t you enlighten us on Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing for starters? And then, we will continue with more expert questions!


Which Digital Marketing Channel Works the Best for Small Businesses?


Well, there is no straight answer. Digital marketing is so broad and constantly evolving and changing, and there are a lot of options when it comes to marketing your business online.


The nature of the business and its goals also vary from company to company, so there is no one size fits all solution. For this reason, we always start our work with a thorough audit to determine where the business is at and where they want to be, and based on that we will set up a custom strategy that best suits their needs and objectives. 


Nowadays, Digital marketing is a must, therefore always part of the marketing mix, and depending on the budget, we will recommend a strategy that will likely include social channels, email marketing, website optimisation, SEO, and advertising.


In our experience, a mix of the above will give you the best results, but again we are aware of the different financial situations of the companies we work with, so we always aim for the best ROI instead of spending a fortune on digital marketing. 


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How Can Small Businesses Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?


The best approach here is to shop around and see what the different agencies have to offer. It is also a good idea to list the main business objectives and set a budget. Try to stay away from agencies that push their own agenda; for example, an agency that specialises in Google ads will push for you to spend money on Google ads.


If it`s a web design company, they will tell you to change your website. What this approach lacks is well-planned and consistent marketing that includes all channels. There is no point in spending money on ad hoc services for fear of missing out. Without a well-defined strategy and consistent messaging, your brand will suffer and you certainly won`t get the best return on investment.


What Makes Olivetree Marketing Unique?


We are unique because we have a holistic approach to marketing. We audit, we listen to the client, their goals, and their budget, then we plan and consistently execute. Simple as that. Ok, maybe not as simple as it sounds but the key is strategy, consistency, and continuous communication. 


We like to think of ourselves as a marketing department that takes care of all marketing needs of the business from logo design to Google ads and anything in between. Without the overheads of a marketing department. Our personalised approach ensures that the client gets the best ROI. And we have a very good relationship with our clients too, I think it`s a bonus. Something we really value in business. 


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How Much Do You Charge for Digital Marketing Services in Sydney?


Our investment structure is very transparent. We have different packages that suit different business sizes, requirements, and budgets, and we customise these to ensure that the client gets the most of our services.


You can start under $2,000 per month, which is a great price for essential marketing services like graphic design, social media management, regular consultations, and more. We also offer a 30-day cancellation policy that means the client is not locked in a contract if for some reason we don`t want to continue working together.


Thank you, Olivia, for your answers regarding digital marketing for small businesses. Your in-depth answers will be a great help for SME owners and our readers. I hope to hear your expert opinion again in another marketing strategy article!