The importance of Google Ads

As digital marketers, there are a dozen skills and expertise we should get familiar with to help businesses thrive digitally. Here is my Digital Marketing: TOP 7 Skills To Master article, where I listed these skills in detail.


I placed digital advertising in the first place there and said, “Digital advertising is so powerful, and you can get speedy customer feedback! You can set up a business today and start selling already thanks to Facebook & Google Ads.”


From a business owner’s perspective, all these skills & tech might look a bit overwhelming. Most SMEs don’t have the sources or the motivation to hire an expert or a specialist for their digital marketing efforts.


But then, how could you execute a digital strategy and grow your business?


Well, your best bet is to partner up with freelance digital experts such as a Google Adwords Expert or an SEO expert. Yes, thanks to the gig economy and the rise of freelancing, you can get remote help, not very costly.


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The importance of Google Ads & Hiring a google adwords expert


A couple of years ago, when I kicked off digital marketing ops at a tech startup, we hired a small social media agency by giving %1 company share plus a low monthly fee for maintenance. We also followed a similar strategy with our search engine optimization (SEO) agency, and also joined forces with a Google Adwords Expert.


You might have heard that digital advertising ROI is super-high, and it’s like hunting for any business. According to a research in 2018, for each $1 you spend, you get $2 in return in Google Ads. This field is highly complex, therefore only by working with a Google Adwords Expert, you can achieve excellent performance for your ad spent.


That’s why I decided to interview a senior Google Adwords Expert John Cammidge for this article, who has years of experience growing businesses by using Google Ads. Hopefully, we will get a few helpful tips on how to run Google Adwords and what’s the real deal about advertising on Google.


But first, let me build up a little background for you on the importance of Google Ads, and then we can continue with the Q/A session with John.


Why do Google Ads & Hire a Google Adwords Expert


I’m a huge advocate for digital advertising, and I have my reasons.


Have I not saved my own business using Facebook Ads back in the day? Wasn’t it the good old Google Adwords campaigns where we collected the low-hanging fruits running CPC for brand keywords? Who we turned our faces when the small business owner wanted immediate results with small budgets? (R1)


Ohh man, do not I love digital ads!


Let me quickly underline a few essentials on the importance of Google Ads & Hiring a Google Adwords Expert. Why do you need Google Ads? What role does it play, and do you need an expert to optimize your Google Ads?


  • Search Results Visibility


Most people search for products & services on Google before purchase, whether you are a local pizzeria, national chain, or global tech startup. So you can optimize your website for search engines and rank higher by using SEO. But let’s be honest, search engine optimization is a mid-term if not a long-term investment, so it’s much like farming.


This is where researching your persona’s search terms and running Google ads for those keywords become vital. When an expert is doing this, you can immediately start showing up on top of the organic Google search results. This can bring you valuable business in a matter of days or even minutes. Hopefully not break your bank account. (R2, R3)


Grow your business with Google Ads


  • High Conversion Rates & ROI


Google is a highly reliable platform, a trusted brand, and a marketing platform. You can benefit from this as a business if you are using Google platforms such as Google Ads, Google My Business, and Google Search. If you advertise on Google, your chances of becoming a trusted brand increase as well.


Over the years, I have been monitoring lots of different websites’ traffic data, and many peers would agree with me that Google is a highly valuable traffic source. People coming to your website through Google Organic, GMB, or CPC converts better than most of the channels.


What does it mean for your business? It means allocating your digital marketing budget to at least a % 60-70 marketing on Google is a great strategy to maximize your budget’s efficiency. (R4)


Google Ads - Show up when people search for what you offer


  • Sales Oriented Advertising 


In simple terms, there are two types of digital advertising purposes for most businesses: branding & sales. You need both of them because your potential buyers can be at different stages in their buyer journey. Some of them could be on the verge of buying, and some might be in the research phase. Google Ads is much more of sales-oriented advertising than it is a brand awareness-increasing tactic.


In an e-commerce business, you can target keywords for your brand, and send your audience to your product pages to start selling. In a brick and mortar business, you can divert people to your physical location. As a result, you can trigger warm sales that happen in the store. If you are in the more sophisticated services business such as SAAS, you can leverage Google Ads re-marketing technology. Which also brings you robust sales.


Thus, there is no other advertising platform that can assist sales as much as Google Adwords can. (R5, R6)


Google Ads - Campaign Objectives


  • Why Hiring an Expert is a Great Idea?


Now that you are somewhat convinced that you need Google Ads, you might have started to think, how are you going to run all these campaigns? Don’t worry; you are not alone! This is a concern for many of us. Even experienced digital marketing teams and experts discuss how to optimize their Google Ads efforts and budgets.


Luckily, there are people who specialized only in Google Ads, and you can get in touch with them. These people have spent thousands, if not millions of dollars on digital ads, and they can almost run the show their eyes closed.


There are a variety of reasons why you should work with a Google Ads expert. In fact, in my opinion, you should only run your Google Ads working with a professional. I can write a whole different article about that, but here I would only give you the main one, which is purely mathematical, and it’s going to end the discussion right away.


Imagine you have 100X units Google Ads budget. You can spend this yourself, or you can hire a Google Adwords Expert to do this. Both ways, spending this money would bring you an extra bill, which is the labor cost, whether it’s you or the expert.


Since you are the business owner, your hourly fee is always more expensive than the people you hire. So, if you run your ads, that would cost you 10x hourly, whereas it would cost around half if you outsource. In the long run, if you run your ads, this would generate a hidden labor cost for your business. This is often overlooked.


Secondly, an expert can 2-3X or, in some cases, 10x the overall performance of your digital ads. Experts are always on a test run with your ads; they will split test your ad copies, landing pages, and ad creatives. As a result, you will end up increasing your ad budget efficiency at least 2-3 times. So let’s say that you would sell 10x with your 100X budget and an average expert 20-30X.


Even after deducting the service fees, you are by far on the plus side of things. Besides, I think working with an ads expert is like making insurance for your ad spent. I’m a long time user of Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager, but Google Ads is a whole different world.


That’s why I also interviewed an experienced Google Adwords Consultant on the subject. If you are excited as I am, we can move on to our Q/A with John Cammidge and polish up our knowledge on Google Ads.


Interview with John Cammidge - google adwords expert


Interview with John Cammidge: Let’s Get An Expert’s Opinion 


Like I always say, digital marketing is so sophisticated today because it has a variety of disciplines. I almost feel bad talking about Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords), even as the digital marketing expert that I am.


Google ads is a complicated system; it requires regularly keeping up with trends, reading hundreds of online resources, and passing the exams every year to become qualified. Not to mention the real-life experience it takes to successfully, audit, set up, and optimize an account.


So, I have invited John Cammidge, who is a Google ads expert, to a couple of common questions, which he sincerely answered. These are great takeaways for any business and brand that might be looking to advertise on Google. And especially those who advertise on Google but are struggling to make the account profitable.


1) John, Firstly, thank you for doing this! Could you tell us if there is any news or trends on the Google Ads concerning business owners? What’s been happening recently?


Of course, it’s my absolute pleasure. I feel Google is trying to automate more and more of the Google ads system. Whilst this does help save time on optimising accounts, it does hand over all the control to Google. That’s not necessarily a good thing. 


When you hand over the control to Google, it can have negative impacts on ROI when compared to either using someone like me to manage an account. You may be thinking, “Yeah, you would say that.”


But I have proven time and time again that while automation is useful, it still needs a qualified person to make the necessary optimisations to ensure the account performs long term.


2) Which industries or businesses perform the best when it comes to Google Ads? Are these top performers most of your clients, or does the demand come from different sectors?


I haven’t noticed that some industries perform better than others (from a technical point of view). What makes the difference in performance primarily comes down to the client’s budget. Also, the level of competition in Google, what their unique selling points are, and if they are competitive in their vertical. 


google adwords consultancy - return on ad spent


3) What’s the main benefit of working with a Google Ads Expert? Also, what kind of ROI can the business owner expect when starting to work with a consultant?  


The main benefit is the return on investment.


Using a google ads expert such as myself means your campaign is set up efficiently from the start; this means you are more likely to have a profitable account. The amount of money I typically save in terms of saving you time and reducing wasted advertising spend means my fees are outweighed.


As for ROI – It’s quite a difficult question to answer because ROI varies by industry, website, product offering, economic issues, etc. However, most of my lead generation clients are achieving 300% ROI, and my e-commerce clients average around 700% ROI from Google ads.


4) Most business owners don’t know what kind of rates & terms they are facing if they want to hire a Google Adwords expert? Could you briefly tell us the cost & conditions of working with an expert like you?


Many Google ads agencies and experts charge different fees and offer different contracted terms. Also, it depends on what work is being undertaken. For example, to set up a Google ads campaign for a small business typically takes me one full day.


Therefore, I would charge a one-off fee of £400+VAT. As for optimising an account regularly, this would depend on the complexity of the account, the client’s industry. Also their total monthly advertising budget. To keep things simple, I work on a rolling 30-day contract with all clients.   


5) John, lastly, could tell us what kind of Google Ads budgets you have been managing? Any success story or case that comes to your mind? Perhaps, any challenges? 


Sure, I have a page on my website dedicated to client testimonials and performance. If you follow my website link at the bottom of this article, you can find that page on my website.


There certainly have been many challenges over the years. I have been a Google ads expert now since 2004, but by making sure, I stay up to date with the latest trends and remain qualified. (Passing 2 Google exams every year)


This has helped make things easier for me and keep my clients happy and profitable! 


John Cammidge - Google Adwords Expert


Final Thoughts


Google ads continue to be at the core of digital advertising and for any business, and running ads with Google must be a part of a well-thought-out digital marketing plan. I listed three points in this article to underline the importance of Google Ads.


The first one is to increase your search results visibility. Secondly, I mentioned the high conversion rates & ROI of Google Ads. Finally, I talked about why Google is a sales-oriented advertising platform. I also explained why it’s best to work with a Google Adwords Expert when running ads for your brand’s key terms.


As John Cammidge stated, working with a pro, for lead generation purposes, you can increase your ROI by 300%, and for e-commerce, the return on ad spent is even higher with a whopping 700%.


According to John, what makes the difference in performance primarily comes down to the client’s budget. Also, the level of competition in Google, what their unique selling points are, and if the businesses are competitive in their vertical.


John also pointed out that Google Ads consultancy fees varied depending on the ad account’s needs and added that it typically takes one full day to set up an ad campaign for a small business. And he would charge a one-off fee of £400+VAT for such work. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this piece, and please don’t hesitate to ask us anything in the comment section below. I also thank John for his valuable contribution to this article. Below you can find his contact info for any business inquiries you may have.
+44 7811 367294
JTC Consultants Ltd, 1 Lamport Crescent, Raunds, Northampton, NN9 6UX

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