Internet marketing is a multidisciplinary field where complex skills come together. By applying these sophisticated marketing techniques, businesses can thrive in highly competitive markets. As I have mentioned in my top digital marketing skills article, SEO is one of the most vital digital marketing skills to achieve business growth in the digital era.


The search engine optimization process includes optimizing a website—also, a few other outside factors to rank better in search results for desired terms. The description sounds rather technical, even for digital marketers. Therefore, SEO works need a helping hand, preferably professionals!


I have been doing the hard work of SEO for years. I have done it solo, hired SEO experts in-house, and worked with top SEO agencies from around the world. One thing is crystal clear; SEO is not everybody’s game, especially if we are talking about significant SEO achievements.


SEO can overwhelm digital team leaders when it’s handled all alone. Hiring SEOs is not easy because these people are quite smart. And it’s hard to bind them to a company in a 9-5 format. SEO has got technical aspects, but it also has to be quite business & marketing oriented.


This is where working with an SEO agency gets vital whether you are a freelance artist, a brick & mortar business, a software startup, or just a local store selling organic eggs! The right local SEO agency can come up with a tailor-made SEO strategy for your business in a matter of minutes.


SEO company in Hampshire | Leapfrog Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing – You’ve Got Great Reasons To Work With An SEO Agency!


It makes so much sense to discuss together; expected results, investment amount needed, and how long it takes to get there. To put my thoughts together for this article, I have had a small discussion with a dear friend Geoff, the owner of Leapfrog Internet Marketing.


Geoff’s SEO Agency in Hampshire has been helping many businesses out over the years. That means bringing SMEs lots of impressions & visibility on search engines. Their website is a brilliant starting point with excellent case studies and blog posts. It makes you quickly understand what a professional SEO firm is all about. Having a small discussion with the team convinced me once again that outsourcing SEO is a must!


Maybe you are skeptical about hiring an SEO agency. But I think SEO agencies could be internet marketer’s best friends. I will tell you why in a bit. And I’m sure after reading my points, you will consider working with a trustworthy SEO agency! It’s safe to say, hiring an SEO agency could be one of the best business decisions you have ever made!


Why SEO Agencies Are Your Best Friends In Internet Marketing - Consistency


Expertise, Reliable Work & Consistency in Internet Marketing


Not only in digital marketing, but in general, some fields of expertise are shallow, and some are deep. Let’s think of cars; changing tires is not as detailed as mechanics or the engine. SEO is the same; you can’t compare it to let’s say social media management! You can go to any doctor for a cough, but you better see a cardiologist when it’s your heart.


SEO is already intricate, and with the algorithm updates such as Google’s, the picture can quickly get blurry. To learn SEO and update your knowledge daily, you should practice search engine optimization actively. SEO agencies certainly do that! They also work in teams, and relying on a good number of experts working together is always the best option.


The reliability of the SEO works is another topic to discuss. What do I mean by that? There are SEO works, such as white hat link building or reaching out to authoritative website owners. Looking after the brand’s reputation and prestige when completing such tasks is often neglected.


That means tasks such as content creation outside the official website or communication methods must comply with the brand identity. When you work with an SEO agency that cares about your business, they are going to take into account the importance of your brand’s behind the scene’s reputation.


Reliability also includes not getting involved in unethical SEO methods. I analyze at least a dozen reputable brand’s backlinks & websites daily. Doing that, I’m mostly blown away by the low quality of SEO methods that I see.


Consistency in SEO projects, I believe, is another essential factor in achieving results. First, you hire a freelancer, then continue with an in-house SEO team. Later on, co-operating with an SEO consultant. And finally, hiring an agency is not the best-case scenario.


It’s best to choose a trustworthy SEO agency at the beginning. By doing that, you can learn the basics of SEO from your agency. After that, you can plan a long-term SEO strategy together.


This approach will ensure you get the most out of your investments. If you don’t train yourself with your agency, you are just going to hope for good results.


SEO Agencies Are Your Best Friends In Internet Marketing - ROI


ROI of working with an SEO Agency & Cost-Effectiveness of Outsourcing SEO


You have heard that right, the ROI of working with an SEO agency, not the ROI of SEO. I agree that the return on investment for search engine optimization is already high. But why not spend your money wiser?


Over the years, I realized it makes so much sense to work with an SEO agency on a monthly contract. I believe it’s the best SEO budget management strategy!


This is very similar to hiring a digital advertising expert to run your ads for your business. We know that if you spend a dollar, it brings two dollars in return on Google Ads. But why not allow a pro to increase your click rates five times?


An SEO agency can make the most out of your budget because they already know what works and whatnot.


Cost Effectiveness


Also, remember that SEO agencies are businesses, and the survival of their business purely relies on your business. Now that’s a pretty strong argument! Your agency will have to make the most out of your SEO budget for a win-win situation.


When choosing your agency, don’t hesitate to discuss how they are going to make the most of your budget. Also, review what kind of activities your monthly SEO service fee covers. An experienced and honest SEO agency will demonstrate precisely why working with them is cost-effective.


They can show you a couple of examples of their work quality. SEO’s are humble professionals. They aren’t afraid to show you the labor costs and profits involved in their work. On the contrary, some SEO agencies can be very discreet about their fees. You might also hear from them that SEO is a costly business! These are not good signs.


Remember, most valuable SEO works involve high-quality & labor-intense tasks such as running a good-old backlink outreach campaign. If you work with a well-respected agency, they can get great articles published in high authority sites, even for free. Therefore, paying for their expertise is, in fact, such a cost-effective method for your business.






I’m happily involved in internet marketing for almost a decade. I consulted small businesses and a few Fortune 500 companies with digital challenges along the way. Often, SEO is an unknown area, and most entities are not aware of SEO agencies or don’t know what an SEO agency does.


The purpose of SEO is to rank better for desired keywords and acquire high-quality website traffic through search engines. Unearthing a trustworthy SEO partner and working together will not only ensure you top rankings. Your SEO agency could be your best friend if you want your business to flourish digitally.


Why should you use an SEO agency? I have asked this question to Geoff from Leap Internet Marketing, a leading SEO agency from Hampshire. I’m grateful that I got great insights! We can think of working with an SEO agency as a small insurance policy for your SEO efforts.


Here are a few good reasons to work with an SEO agency:


  • SEO agencies can bring their knowledge & Advanced SEO techniques to your business in the most efficient way.
  • Your trusted SEO partner cares about your reputation, even in the unseen fields.
  • Consistency is a key factor in SEO and is only achieved by working with an SEO agency from the start.
  • Working with an internet marketing company with an SEO focus reduces your overall costs.
  • Search engine optimization is a high ROI activity & the best SEO agencies are, in fact, cost-effective.


I paraded why SEO agencies could be your best friend in internet marketing in this article. I hope you enjoyed reading and somehow relate to it. I’m happy to hear your questions and comments below.

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