Marketing Translation Services: Why Your Business Needs Them?

If you fail to deliver your messages to your target group globally, try using marketing translation services! Marketing translations have a long history in the business context, and as of today, it became vital with the rise of digital marketing.


When you think of a brand, it has many components that hold it together. There are visual aspects, such as logos and creatives, and there are short written features such as a slogan or a mantra. The written content on your website or offline materials, such as brochures, also plays a vital role in your brand’s journey.


Your logo and slogan usually make you recognized, whereas your written content makes you remembered! And when you have, for instance, lots of landing pages or product descriptions and you are operating on globally, you need your source content translated. And you can’t get away with just any translation; you need professional help!


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Having worked in a couple of international businesses myself, I can’t recall using marketing translation services too often. The topic is often overlooked, and most companies try to solve the marketing translation puzzle within the house!


For small projects, this might make sense, but most of the time, this road only leads to harming brands. That’s why I would like to show you why you need to hire a marketing translation services company for your translation efforts.


 Why Do You Need Marketing Translation Services?


You can find a dozen reasons to work with professionals on this if you care about your brand’s reputation! Here I listed three points of why to use marketing translation services, and hopefully, you can somehow relate to them.


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If you are operating with lots of languages not using a translation service, you will face sizable problems in terms of consistency. Let’s say that you run a digital advertising campaign in +20 different languages? How could you be consistent with your ad copies in all of your target countries?


When you work with a professional translation house, they will assign you up with an account manager. That’s good because your account manager will choose the right guy for your business and stick with him throughout the project. Your target group will hear the same tone over and over again in your written content. Don’t you think that’s great for your brand?




When you think of marketing translation services, these workplaces hire well-educated linguists and native speakers. Taking that into account, for the quality of work, the cost of doing is relatively low. You can think of this as an insurance policy for your brand’s messages. The ROI is also super high as you are avoiding lots of branding mishaps with a little bit of an investment.




When you get help from your people for marketing translation purposes, you forget the fact that these people have their routine jobs. Even with their best intentions, they are going to end up making mistakes, and your brand will get hurt. On the other hand, a translation office will follow a process-oriented approach.


That means they are going to take this very seriously because it’s legally binding them, and it’s their job. An expert will plan all the translation work step by step and follow the processes, such as assigning the work, translation, proof-reading, delivery, and revisions. That’s what you need if you want to deliver the same message to your audience in different languages.




Ever since the global businesses existed, marketing translations have been an essential part of brand localization plans. Nevertheless, the importance of using professionals for translation efforts have often been neglected. This only hurts brand reputations and causes lots of prestige issues.


Therefore, when delivering important messages to target groups efficiently, it’s best to use a professional marketing translation services house. A professional marketing translation office will be process-oriented, cost-effective, and bring your brand messages consistency. That’s why global brands must find their translation partner and stick to them throughout their localization processes.

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