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If you would like to learn more about HubSpot web design, you landed on the right page.


Being a HubSpot evangelist, I will be happy to share many key data that will help you find out what’s in it for you!


After being HubSpot certified for the first time in 2016, my whole perspective towards digital marketing has changed dramatically.


HubSpot Web Design - Hubspot CMS


HubSpot CMS might be a great alternative for some parties to build and manage a commercial website so let’s dive in! But first, some background as always.


My previous article, B2B Web Design: Benefits of Being Growth-Driven & Best Practices, already set a great foundation for today’s topic.


Our first key takeaway was growth-driven websites perform far better than the traditionally built websites.


On average, growth-driven websites brought 15% more visitors, leads, and revenue. That was pretty conclusive.


Secondly, we highlighted a few B2B web design best practices, and here is a small recap:


  • Design Around the Business Objectives,
  • Address All Stages of Buyer’s Journey,
  • Pay Attention to Simplicity, Performance, and Mobile-Friendliness,
  • Create Content Around Solutions, Insights, or Research,
  • Test and Optimize Frequently.


All good with the theory, but how being growth-driven with your web design and applying all these best practices translate into action?


Which web design solution is the best for you? Can HubSpot web design be the great answer you are looking for?


Let’s find out!


And to do that, it’s a good idea to review a few other web design options:


  • When designing a website, especially without coding, you have a dozen brilliant platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly. These are all great platforms, for instance, to showcase an artist’s portfolio, but they are not suitable for performance marketing. That means it’s not practical to scale up a business with them.


  • Next up is, of course, WordPress. If your goal is content marketing or running a small scale e-commerce store, WordPress is fine. No initial set up fee – it looks tempting. But WordPress is fragile, and it’s got security issues. Also, you might struggle to manage all aspects of your site if you are not a developer.


  • Getting yourself a custom-built website by a freelancer is another option, but it’s a risky business. Also, it requires a fixed investment plus monthly service fees, so it tends to get quite expensive to run things smoothly and independently.



HubSpot Web Design In A Nutshell


Hubspot is an all in one marketing suite that’s been literally the pioneer in inbound marketing and a reliable source of information for digital marketers.


The platform has various features such as free CRM, workflow builders, and lead scoring. Excellent automation capabilities go beyond every marketers’ expectations.


Using the Hubspot CMS, marketers can build and manage their websites by paying a monthly subscription fee.


You can also hire a web developer or a HubSpot certified solution partner for a custom Hubspot web design.


The professional plan is $300 per month, where you could use all the free tools plus build remarkable webpages,  grow traffic & convert leads, and secure your website.


If you go with HubSpot web design, you get a drag-and-drop editor and lots of great-looking themes. Moreover, you can make use of the multi-language content features and dynamic content with HubDB.


The HubSpot CMS also makes solid SEO recommendations, gives you a chatbot, runs A/B tests, and creates attribution reports to understand what attributes the most to your conversions.


Additionally, you can benefit from an in-built CDN, a standard SSL certificate, and a security monitoring and threat detection tool. For marketers, these are low priority stuff but highly important for a frictionless customer experience.


Hubspot guarantees a 99.99% uptime and comes with award-winning technical support. To me, the whole thing looks like a bargain: all in one, highly customizable, reliable, and easy to control!



Who Should Go With The HubSpot CMS?


If you are growth-driven and want to scale up your business fast, HubSpot CMS is one of your best bets. Its sophisticated inbound methodologies are a great help to solve complex marketing puzzles.


HubSpot Web Design is also one of the most effective methods to follow B2B website best practices. For a 300 dollar bill per month, performance marketers can avoid lots of technical bottlenecks.


That’s why for your next website project, try HubSpot web design and see how effective it is. You could also skip the designing part by hiring a HubSpot certified agency for a flat monthly fee.