3 Simple Steps To YouTube Growth

If you think YouTube Growth is complicated, you might be mistaken, and I’m here to change your mind! 


Let’s cover some background first and continue with simple steps to growing a YouTube channel.


Function & Role of YouTube


We thought for a while that YouTube was the new TV. 


But during the pandemic, it reached more than 2 billion active users, becoming one of the most effective marketing methods to grow a personal brand.


YouTube is a highly encouraging content platform for artists or adventurers since creators can easily monetize their videos.


In 2021, YouTube earned $28.8 billion in advertising income and shared 55% of it with creators. That’s a significant amount! 


There are a notable amount of video makers making a living purely on YouTube income.


When it comes to businesses, YouTube plays a somewhat different role. 


B2C companies can raise great brand awareness by creating and publishing product-focused videos.


B2B companies could treat it like a digital PR platform, focusing on interviews with top executives or key client reviews.  


Generally, organizations could use YouTube as social media channel to humanize their brand and showcase the business in a more cinematic fashion. 


Due to these factors, growing YouTube became a vital task in digital marketing.


So let’s take a closer look at the core steps to growing a YouTube channel.


3 Simple Steps To YouTube Growth


3 Simple Steps to YouTube Growth


The well-known Roman poet Horace has two famous sayings:


  • He who has begun has half done.
  • Don’t think, just do!


Both of these sayings just hit the spot for YouTube growth.


YouTube is the platform for doers. If you overthink the content and be a perfectionist, you are never becoming a YouTuber.


The number 1 ranking factor on YouTube is the video watch time, followed by engagement.


That’s why when you publish any content, it will start bringing in watch time and engagement. As a result, you will start growing.  


So, first up, create a channel, make your first video and keep publishing, connecting with your community.


That’s the best strategy to outrank potential creators. 


Create the Best Content You Can


1- Create the Best Content You Can


The secret sauce on growing your YouTube channel is not nailing it in your first few videos


Go ahead and investigate a few of your favorite YouTubers’ first videos. Are they as good as their last ones? Definitely no.


Too much perfectionism won’t work in your favor, so start creating with the equipment and editing capabilities at hand and improve over time.


Be original and create the best content you can. You will start to get views. 


2- Optimize Your Videos for YouTube Search & Clicks


Another organic method that helps YouTube growth is optimizing your video’s complementary elements such as:


  • Video title,
  • Description,
  • Thumbnail photo,
  • Tags,
  • Location. 


When you film and edit a new video, the temptation of publishing often causes poor optimization of these elements. 


But these are the exact elements that allow you to be found! 


On the other hand, some encourage people to click your videos within YouTube search results, such as the thumbnail. 


Optimizing YouTube Videos also allows your content to appear on search engines. 


Within these elements, the title is essential, and my suggestion is to use unique titles that include keywords. 


Also, adding episodes number at the end of the title seems like working very well recently.


Optimizing YouTube Video Title


Check out this title from Field Days. It’s technical (includes a keyword) but also interesting:  


Surviving Wild Australia. SNAKE ATTACK. Catch and Cook. EP 90


When the title itself is appealing, it will bring you a great CTR along with search visibility.


Avoid being spammy and describe what’s in your video in the description section.


Create a theme for your thumbnail photos and keep using it with short descriptive texts on the creative.


Optimizing YouTube videos itself is a topic, so we will continue our next growth step and come back to that later in another article.


Social Growth Engine - YouTube Growth Services


3- Use a YouTube Growth Service


If you want to grow your YouTube channel faster, it’s a great idea to use inorganic methods as well. 


Organic channels often require more time to get results, while inorganic channels can bring results instantly. 


At this point, a YouTube growth service might come in handy as long as you use a professional one, just like Social Growth Engine.


Social Growth Engine has YouTube Growth Services; subscription-based growth packages starting from $90 per month.


They created a premium network of users to skyrocket reach, likes, engagement, and watch time. This service is well-reviewed and trusted by judge.me, and Trustpilot, so it’s totally worth giving it a good try!


All in all, as you can see, growing YouTube doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you follow these simple steps that combine the core organic and inorganic growth methods.


In YouTube, it’s all about getting the basics right at the beginning and building from there.


So just keep creating, and hopefully, in the meanwhile, I will come up with more advanced YouTube growth methods for you!