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Linux Cloud Server and Linux VPS are reliable & customizable hosting solutions for your next website project. Let me walk you through the basics of website hosting, and then we will take a closer look at the Linux Cloud Servers.


When you get to the bottom of things in web projects, you start from the domain. Once you sort that out, then comes the hosting. Hosting is a vital element for web projects.


For instance, hosting can significantly affect your site speed, which is a top-ranking factor in SEO. To understand it’s importance, you should first know what hosting is all about.


Self-Managed Linux Cloud Server


Hosting & Common Types Of Hosting


Fortunately, as technical as it might sound, the concept of web hosting is straightforward. Websites have content on them, and that’s equal to data. Where there is data, you need to store it so that your data (content) can be served to your visitors.


This is when web hosting comes into play, and you can store all your website information by using a hosting service. There are many hosting types out in the market today, but the most commonly used hosting types are:


  • Shared,
  • Dedicated,
  • Linux Cloud,
  • VPS hosting.


These all address different purposes and vary in performance, therefore, in monthly fees.


Shared hosting is the simplest solution, yet it’s sufficient for most individuals and companies. In simple terms, you share the same server with others.


If you need more privacy, you can get the dedicated hosting version, which is a server dedicated just for you. This gives you top-notch security and quite a bit of performance.


When it comes to cloud hosting and VPS (virtual private server) hosting, they are quite similar. In VPS hosting, you have one physical server, and that serves as “virtually divided dedicated servers.”


In cloud hosting, your data is resourced in a bunch of different physical machines. You can increase your performance since you have a couple of resources, but you can’t customize it as much as a VPS hosting.


All in all, cloud hosting is the most sophisticated type amongst all technologies. That’s why the Linux Cloud Server is so unique.


Linux Cloud Server


Linux Cloud Server: Scaleable & Reliable Hosting


If you never heard Linux, it’s an open-source operating system commonly used in the hosting industry. In fact, most WordPress sites are using Linux based hosting. You don’t have to know how to use Linux to host your website in a Linux server because they come with an easy to use interface such as cPanel.


High traffic websites with lots of clients mostly use Linux cloud servers. For example, lots of e-commerce businesses are relying on a Linux Cloud Server because of its scalability and flexibility. These types of companies deal with sensitive customer data, and they need large storage units. So the cost-efficient and secure nature of Linux servers have been the most suitable for them.


Linux Cloud Servers


IT professionals merged these two concepts: Linux & Cloud technologies. We should thank them because that’s the reason why lots of online businesses can run their websites smoothly.


In digital marketing, these sorts of technical details are often underestimated. Although, hosting your valuable data on a Linux Cloud server can only provide you a solid foundation.


When concluding, I would also like to highlight that you should choose your hosting provider carefully as well as the technology. That’s how you will perceive the Linux Cloud Server Technology, and you want your provider to be an expert on the topic.


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