Linkedin B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn, who brought the professional networking concept into play, has grown massively since the site had launched in 2003. Over the years, it has reached over 600 million members, including the top executives of the Fortune 500 companies.

Linkedin B2B Lead Generation

If you are in the B2C business, LinkedIn marketing may not take a critical role in your digital marketing strategy. And, not surprisingly, most brands force-feed their Linkedin business profiles just for the sake of using LinkedIn.

Contrarily, if you are operating in the B2B, you have to start getting familiar with LinkedIn marketing and, more importantly, B2B lead generation using LinkedIn. Many B2B companies treat LinkedIn as a social media channel instead of building new business opportunities.

Could this be the right approach?

I want to give you an example to illustrate why Linkedin Marketing is so effective, and you can use it to acquire high-quality business leads in just a moment.

Think about your chances of commenting on an Instagram post of Ariana Grande or Dwayne Johnson. You got close to zero chance of getting any reaction from the celebrity unless you are insanely lucky.

Because, the moment these people post anything, it turns into a blood bath with comments of real & fake IG followers as well as Instagram bots.

Besides, Facebook & Google became overly digital ads revenue-oriented that your posts’ organic reach has been dramatically dropped. You must have noticed this if you have been sharing content on social media for a decade or so.

Linkedin Marketing

And then we look at LinkedIn, and it looks like this. Take a look at Gary Vee’s activity to see the number of comments he got.

It occurs to me that, if you know what you do, you got a good shot at pitching to big guys here. I also spot-checked a couple of other profiles, from LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner’s to Bill Gates and so on.

It’s not so different. They personally reply to some of the threads on LinkedIn, so they seem to be available.

If you can reach out to the most prominent executives in the world, just imagine how efficient LinkedIn can get in terms of acquiring B2B leads? Of course, there are a few challenges here as well.

You need a well-thought-out content & reach-out strategy for LinkedIn. Great companies, especially tech startups with excellent services, struggle today because they can’t get those first batch of key clients.

The main reason seems to me that they put effort into the wrong channels. What would have happened if they know precisely who to target and how to nurture them?

Linkedin B2B Lead Generation

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