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This post will address YouTube growth and review one of the recent YouTube marketing tools called 500Views. But first, I would like to give you some background information as always. It’s always good to go through some theory and see the big picture first in digital marketing.


Digital marketers must pay special attention to each social media channel. That’s because social media management & growth is too wide of a subject. Each channel has unique features that lead us to study & strategize around our digital channels separately.


When it comes to YouTube, we are talking about two billion monthly logged-in users! Hard to believe, right? Since 2005, YouTube has been on tremendous growth. YouTube claims that people are watching enough videos to keep them engaged all through a flight to the sun and back — 3,000 times!


But what makes YouTube so special from the users’ and creators’ perspectives? Let me quickly explain to you why in a moment.


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3 Main Reasons Why Users Choose YouTube


  1. Rich and Diverse Content
  2. Opportunity to Engage with Creators
  3. Connect with a Community


People can watch exactly what they want and when they want. There is amazing video content for different interest groups. Traditional TV often dictates you a certain mood. Whereas on YouTube, users have the complete freedom of choice depending on how they feel.


Also, giving video viewers the chance to engage with creators is huge! Over the years, this led to the creation of communities around different topics. Viewers watch videos on YouTube and engage with others and join virtual communities to express their feelings or share their concerns.


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4 Reasons Why Creators Choose YouTube


Video creators are loyal to YouTube for four main reasons: freedom, reach, infrastructure, and income.


Freedom is a YouTube core value. They even defined four different kinds of it: freedom of expression, freedom of opportunity, freedom of information, freedom to belong. If you are a creator, you know how vital it is to feel free when creating art pieces.


By Reach, let’s remember YouTube has over 2 billion active monthly users, so creators can reach and connect with a vast amount of people. This amount of reach is obviously one of the key reasons that make YouTube growth so vital!


YouTube has a state of the art infrastructure, and the platform constantly renews itself by implementing new products such as YouTube Stories, Premieres, and Communities Tab. Both users, creators, and advertisers know that they will rarely face any technical difficulties using the platform.


And last comes the income! Why get more video views or even buy them to grow our YouTube presence? There are huge amounts of ad income generated, and creators get their fair share.


According to an influencermarketinghub.com article on how much YouTubers make, YouTube pays out 68% of their ad-sense revenue to publishers. For 1000 views of a video, one could earn up to 3.20$ per day.


That makes around 100 bucks a month only coming from one video. That indicates, if you are creating unique content for YouTube and you are consistent, you could easily make a living being a YouTuber.


How to Grow Your YouTube Presence


How to Grow Your YouTube Presence?


For all these aforementioned reasons, YouTube is by far the best video platform for marketers to reach their target audiences. That’s why we all invest some time in our YouTube growth (subscribers, likes, views, and comments) strategy.


You can grow your YouTube presence by constantly and systematically publishing new videos and optimizing the video description! That’s organic growth. Additionally, you can promote your videos by using Google Video Ads.


This works similarly to Facebook’s Post Boosting. There are other ways, such as reaching out to other creators and get referral traffic to your channel, almost like an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube!


And finally, you can use a YouTube marketing tool to grow your YouTube channel and give that first activation energy for social proofing! When you are just starting, it can get tough out there. YouTube algorithm could be skeptical about your content since you are a newbie.


In opposition to a big brand publishing a new video and instantly getting tons of subscribers, video views, and comments, you might have difficulty getting the first batches likes! This challenge’s quick fix is using a reliable YouTube growth platform such as 500Views.com and getting the ball rolling.


500views.com - The Leaders in YouTube Marketing


500Views YouTube Growth Platform – Quick Tour


500Views is pretty straightforward; after signing up at 500views.com front page, you can add funds, buy views, and get priority support. The platform also offers other services such as Instagram growth, but for our purposes, we will stick to YouTube.


Here are 500Views YouTube growth services portfolio and pricing:


  • YouTube Subscribers – $8 per 100 subscribers
  • YouTube Likes – $5 per 100 likes
  • YouTube HQ Slow Views – $10 per 1000 views
  • YouTube Fast Views – $10 per 1000 views
  • YouTube Comments – $15 per 10 comments
  • YouTube Watch Time  – Custom Pricing


500views New Order


Now comes the exciting part where I test some of these services on my personal YouTube. I also picked one of my videos explaining “what is SEO” to drive the engagement.


Let’s make a note of my YouTube channel & video metrics before using 500Views services:


  • 3 channel subscribers,
  • 16 video views,
  • 1 video comment,
  • 0 video likes.


As you can see, I’m not active on YouTube, which makes me a perfect candidate for a test run! Now, I will buy 100 subscribers, 500 HQ video slow video views, and 100 video likes. Let’s see what happens!


YouTube Growth - 500views Order History




Once I placed my orders, I was able to track my order status in the order history tab. In about 10 minutes, I started to see an increase in my subscribers, video views, and likes. The platform delivers the order at a reasonable pace, which can be only good.


Altogether, I ended up having +15 subscribers, +150 video likes, and +300 video views a couple of hours in. Subscriber growth service seems to be rather slow, and that’s perfect for safety reasons. HQ video views are delivered at a moderate pace, and the video likes are the fastest.


All in all, the platform is reliable and works as expected. The admin panel is dead easy to use as well. I’m really impressed by the delivery pace being natural. If you are looking for a YouTube growth tool for your channel, you can go ahead and use 500Views for a head start!