Tech Gadgets Commonly Used By Digital Marketers

There are a fair amount of reasons why tech gadgets matter for digital marketers. Yes, we are slightly nerdy, but also we work in a bit different fashion than the rest of the office workers. Our jobs can be done 100% remotely, so we are also in need of specific tech stuff to help us get through the unconventional working day!


According to the Search Engine Journal’s Twitter audience, 33 percent of search and digital marketing pros work between 9-12 hours daily. I got days that I work close to 15 hours without even noticing. For us, tech gadgets that we use slightly differ depending on how we work. Working in the office, home-office day, or working from the beach, for instance, requires different accessories and setups.


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There is a lot to cover when it comes to everyday tech gadgets, so when investing for them, the best strategy is to start from the essentials and add details later on. The more you earn, the more equipment you can get.


You don’t need a drone right from the start if you don’t have a good quality camera or the gimbal yet. Start small and build up. If you are ready, let me walk you through a couple of essential tech equipment that is quite common in the digital marketing world now.


Digital Marketers TOP 8 Tech Gadgets


If we were to categorize the tech gadgets commonly used by digital marketers, the priority seems like the laptop since all our final products have to go through a computer. Then comes the mobile because today, mobile devices are quite versatile, and you can take high-quality photos and create incredible videos that are vital for digital creators.


Lastly, there are tons of equipment to support & increase the productivity of these two core tech gadgets. For example, you can get a gimbal or wireless microphone for your mobile for better video quality. If you are going to work in a place without electric power, it’s a good idea to have solar-powered batteries or 4.5G internet distributors.


Now let me briefly go through the essential nerdy stuff, but you can also check out the tech gadgets at to take a closer look at the top-selling products.


macbook pro & iphone


MacBook Pro & iPhone


Getting a Macbook Pro means a lot for digital marketers & nomads. You can work on even the most burdensome tasks, such as video editing, without any problems. Ten hours of battery life pretty much covers your all day. Also, if you are working outside environments where there are humidity, dust, and hot weather, MacBook Pro will get you covered.


Once you sort that out, why not pair with an iPhone. To be honest, together, they perform even better. iPhone is one of your best bets in terms of photos & videos if you don’t want to get a separate DSLR cam. The new iPhone SE is also budget-friendly and somewhat easy to carry around with its 4.7-inch retina HD display.


laptop case & bag


Shock Proof Laptop Case & Bag


Once you invested around $1500 to your laptop, you better protect it. So you have got two options here. You get light protection with a case or a cover for scratches and the laptop bag to carry it around safely.


powerbank - portable usd chargers


Portable Battery Charger


Also called a power bank, the USB charger is one of the absolute vitals. If you are planning to work outside the office or home, you better have one. A good quality 20100mAh USB charger can charge your Macbook Pro & iPhone at least a couple of times, which is more than enough unless you are planning a week trip to the Amazon rainforest!


smartphone wireless charging


Wireless Charging Station


This tech gadget is more suitable for home & office usage. You can just leave your devices on the wireless charging unit to give them a full charge. For the office, it’s also convenient because a lot of people can benefit from the universal charging station & avoid the cable mess.


Woman typing on wireless keyboard


Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


If you are spending long hours on the screen, you better hook your laptop into a better display. For example, at home, I got a laptop always connected to an 82-inch screen with a wireless keyboard & mouse setup. This allows me to work longer hours on the couch without getting exhausted. If you haven’t tried this method, I strongly recommend it!


Tech Gadgets Commonly Used By Digital Marketers - Using a gimbal with smartphone




If you are into video making for social media or content creation purposes, you should get yourself a gimbal. This is a small tech gadget that has been used in the film industry for years. Now with the rise of mobile, we can use it with mobile devices as well. A gimbal provides you excellent stability and auto-follow features to create fancy videos.


Woman Reaching for Black Bluetooth Speaker on Top of White Table


Portable Wireless Speakers & Headset


I like to work in quiet and only turn on my portable speaker when I do graphic design stuff. However, I got many friends that can’t do without music when they are working. If you are one of them, don’t forget to add this item to your digital marketers’ shopping list. There are plenty of affordable options in this category.


Tech Gadgets Commonly Used By Digital Marketers - Anti-RFID wallet


Anti-RFID Carbon Wallet


I must have made a nerdy finish, right? Well, you got me.  Some of the tech gadgets are essentials. On the other hand, some of them are a bit on the nerdy side. In our digital world, we are exposed to weird stuff like wireless theft for credit cards or even identities. This is when an anti-RFID wallet comes handy. This kind of wallet ensures no one can reach your wallet remotely and cause you trouble.